Instrumentation Pipes Manufacturer & Supplier in India.
Instrumentation Pipes Manufacture in India

Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India - Zion Tubes & Alloys

Zion Tubes & Alloys is a reputable high-quality Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer in India, manufactured in compliance with national and international standards. Top Instrumentation Pipes Supplier, our Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes is offered at competitive prices, with various diameters available. Our expertise is evident in our diverse range of services, catering to the petrochemical, natural gas, and geothermal industries. As a leading Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer, we strive to provide top-quality products and exceptional customer service.

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Zion Tubes & Alloys is one of the largest Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer of various kinds, manufactured with advanced technology and top-quality raw materials. Our products come in a variety of specifications, grades, and dimensions and are finished to meet the required industry standards. These pipes are perfect for applications that require superior corrosion resistance and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed. So, if you're in need of top Instrumentation Pipe Supplier, don't hesitate to contact us today.

A Guide to Instrumentation Pipe Standards

Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer in India, cater to the specific needs of their clients by manufacturing Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes in various sizes and shapes. These Pipes undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipe Specifications
Standards: ASTM A269 / ASME SA269
Dimensions: ASTM,AISI,ASME
Lenght: 6-24M.
Thickness : 0.5 ~ 70mm
Grades : 301, 304, 304L,304LN,304N ,305,309,309S,310,310S,316,316L.316LN, 316N,316Ti,317,317L,321,321H,347,347H,904L

Most Popular Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes

Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturers offers superior strength compared to materials like aluminum or copper, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

Breaking Down the Chemical Structure of Instrumentation Pipes

Instrumentation Piping are typically composed of a variety of elements such as carbon, nickel, silicon, and chromium, as per the specifications provided by the Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturers.

Grade C Ni Si N S Mn P Cr Mo
Instrumentation Pipe min. - 8.0 - - - - - 18.0 -
max. 0.08 10.5 0.75 0.10 0.030 2.0 0.045 20.0

Exploring the Mechanical Characteristics of Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes

The mechanical properties of Stainless Steel Instrumentation Piping vary based on their grade, thickness, and how the Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturers process them.

Grade Tensile Strength (MPa) min Elongation (% in 50mm) min Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Hardness
Rockwell B (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
Instrumentation Pipe 515 40 205 92 201

A Look at the Substitute Grades of Instrumentation Pipes

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes comes in various grades with different chemical compositions and mechanical properties. According to Instrumentation Pipe Supplier in India, the most common grades include 304 and 316L.

SS 304 1.4301 S30400 SUS 304 304S31 08Х18Н10 Z7CN18-09 X5CrNi18-10
SS 304L 1.4306 / 1.4307 S30403 SUS 304L 3304S11 03Х18Н11 Z3CN18-10 X2CrNi18-9 / X2CrNi19-11
SS 310 1.4841 S31000 SUS 310 310S24 20Ch25N20S2 - X15CrNi25-20
SS 310S 1.4845 S31008 SUS 310S 310S16 20Ch23N18 - X8CrNi25-21
SS 316 1.4401 / 1.4436 S31600 SUS 316 316S31 / 316S33 - Z7CND17-11-02 X5CrNiMo17-12-2 / X3CrNiMo17-13-3
SS 316L 1.4404 / 1.4435 S31603 SUS 316L 316S11 / 316S13 03Ch17N14M3 / 03Ch17N14M2 Z3CND17-11-02 / Z3CND18-14-03 X2CrNiMo17-12-2 / X2CrNiMo18-14-3
SS 316Ti 1.4571 S31635 SUS 316Ti 320S31 08Ch17N13M2T Z6CNDT17-123 X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2
SS 317 1.4449 S31700 SUS 317 - - - -
SS 317L 1.4438 S31703 SUS 317L - - - X2CrNiMo18-15-4
SS 321 1.4541 S32100 SUS 321 - - - X6CrNiTi18-10
SS 321H 1.4878 S32109 SUS 321H - - - X12CrNiTi18-9
SS 347 1.4550 S34700 SUS 347 - 08Ch18N12B - X6CrNiNb18-10
SS 347H 1.4961 S34709 SUS 347H - - - X6CrNiNb18-12
SS 446 1.4762 / 3 S44600 - - - - -
SS 904L 1.4539 N08904 SUS 904L 904S13 - Z2 NCDU 25-20 X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5
SMO 254 1.4547 S31254 - - - - X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7

The Price is Right: A Guide to the Per Meter Cost of Instrumentation Pipes in India

As a leading Instrumentation Pipe Supplier in India, here is the approximate guide to price per meter.

15 1/2" 175 222 262
20 3/4" 211 275 341
25 1" 262 421 497
32 1.1/4" 334 541 642
40 1.1/2" 385 624 820
50 2" 483 798 1084
65 2.1/2" 778 1145 1855
80 3" 948 1406 2289
100 4" 1225 1821 3265
125 5" 1969 2471 4719
150 6" 2352 2925 5578
200 8" 3072 4158 8658
250 10" 5005 6440 11277
300 12" 6660 7616 15075
350 14" 7865 9094 18384
The prices listed above are for reference only and are subject to change based on changes in the cost of raw materials.

Applications & Uses of Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipes

  • Used in Sugar Mills.
  • Used in Fertilizer.
  • Used in Industry.
  • Used in Power Plants.
  • Used in Food and Dairy.
  • Used in Oil and Gas Plant.
  • Used in Ship Building Industry.

Instrumentation Pipe Additional Information

  • Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging: Instrumentation Pipe are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax: 18% GST.

Why Choose Zion Tubes & Alloys?

As a leading Instrumentation Pipes Manufacturer & Instrumentation Pipe Supplier, our team is committed to delivering top quality products on schedule and at competitive factory prices, no matter the order size. We ensure that every product is thoroughly checked for quality before dispatch. You can reach us by calling +91 98195 64323 or email us at

Client Projects For Instrumentation Pipe

Zion Tubes & Alloys is a renowned Instrumentation Pipes Manufacturer & Instrumentation Pipe Supplier. Our Pipes have been used by various industries and businesses across India. For any inquiries or orders, you can reach us via email at or whatsapp us your requirements.

Product supplied City
Bright Annealed Tube in Oil Plant Rajkot, Gujarat
All types of Bright Annealed Tube supply Ahmedabad, Surat
Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipe Delhi, Mumbai
Mild Steel Bright Annealed Tube Chennai, Kolkata, Pune

Zion Tubes & Alloys is the leading Instrumentation Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

We are Instrumentation Pipe Supplier in below mentioned Cities in India

Zion Tubes & Alloys has earned its reputation as a top-tier Instrumentation Pipes Manufacturer by consistently delivering reliable products with exceptional performance. Our products are exported monthly to Indian ports and then shipped to various countries which makes as a leading Instrumentation Pipe Supplier.

We are Instrumentation Pipe Exporter in below mentioned Countries

Zion Tubes & Alloys is a well-known Instrumentation Pipe Stockist & Instrumentation Pipe Exporter with a strong reputation of manufacturing high-quality Stainless Steel Instrumentation Pipe. Our Instrumentation Pipes are exported to over 18 countries, and we have satisfied over 2100+ clients worldwide which makes us a leading Instrumentation Pipes Supplier

  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Singapore
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Oman
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe South Africa
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Australia
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Canada
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Iran
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Thailand
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Kuwait
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe United Kingdom
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Saudi Arabia
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Nigeria
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Germany
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Malaysia
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Brazil
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Bangladesh
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Turkey
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Srilanka
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Bahrain
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Nigeria
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Mexico
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Qatar
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe UAE
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Venezuela
  • Bright Annealed SS Pipe Netherland

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